For over 30 years expert in the purchase & sale / brokerage of machine tools & spare parts!

Overview of our services

Purchase / sale of machine tools and spare parts

Discover a world of opportunities in machine tools trade and industrial accessories. We are your reliable partner for the purchase and sale of high-quality machines and accessories that optimize your production process and increase your efficiency. Dive into our diverse selection and benefit from our many years of experience and expertise. Experience quality, reliability and first-class customer service in machine tool trade and industrial accessories.

Procurement of machine tools & spare parts

You need machine tools, spare parts or other industrial accessories for your business? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the procurement for you! With our extensive expertise and dedicated team, we can find the right machine tools and spare parts to get your machines up and running again. Rely on our reliable procurement and maximize the efficiency of your production with our services.

Buyer / intermediary for company liquidations including transport via our partners

Looking for top-notch deals on corporate liquidations? We are your trusted buyers / brokers who not only acquire and broker quality equipment, but also handle the entire transportation process. With our years of experience and extensive network, we are able to safely dismantle, transport and reassemble large machinery and equipment through our partners. Rely on us for a seamless corporate liquidation process and benefit from our first-class services.

Service & Procurement for Hüller Hille CNC BaZ & other manufacturers

Discover our first-class service and reliable procurement for Hüller Hille machine tools. However, with our many years of expertise and passion for quality, we also cater to other manufacturers and brands, offering you comprehensive brokerage for service, repairs, maintenance and in-house procurement of spare parts. Rely on us to ensure the optimal performance and efficiency of your machine tools. Experience the difference of first-class service and reliable procurement.

That is why you can rely on Michael Tropp GmbH for machine tools

Over 30 years of experience in service and procurement of machine tools, spare parts & industrial accessories.

Wide range of high quality spare parts for all machine tools

Expert advice and support for parts selection

Fast shipping and reliable delivery via our carriers